Ethiopian Resume Flights to Mogadishu in Four Decades

Ethiopian Resume Flights to Mogadishu in Four Decades
Arrest of Dozens of Security Officials a First Step Towards Accountability: AI

Following the announcement today of the arrest of at least 36 key security officials suspected to be responsible for gross human rights violations in Ethiopia, Amnesty International’s Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, Joan Nyanyuki said:

“These arrests are an important first step towards ensuring full accountability for the abuses that have dogged the country for several decades. Many of these officials were at the helm of government agencies infamous for perpetrating gross human rights violations such as torture and the arbitrary detention of people including in secret facilities.

“We urge the government of Prime Minister Abiy to take further steps to ensure justice and accountability for all past human rights violations and abuses while at the same time ensuring all the individuals arrested receive fair trials. The authorities must also ensure victims’ access to justice and effective remedies, including adequate reparation.

“Building on this forward momentum, the government should also seize the opportunity to expedite justice sector reforms to ensure that human rights are fully respected, protected, promoted and fulfilled.”
Ethiopia’s Attorney General today announced that 36 officials were arrested suspected of gross human rights violations over the weekend after five months of investigations.

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